The Birth of Wright Beards

My name is Michael Wright. And i'am here to talk to you about Wright Beards. Lets face it, 2020 has been a year of hardships for all of us, myself included. We would like nothing more than for life to get back to normal. With lockdowns and businesses closing on a daily basis, there is lot of fear and uncertainty. I myself can relate as I was was uncertain of my jobs future. And with that uncertainty I knew I needed a change.

So with that  uncertainty came the drive for me to create a own line business. A online business not only to help myself, but to also help and empower others in need to put their best foot forward. And that is where Wright Beards was born. Barbershops like most businesses are either shut down or people are not yet ready to step back into  places of business due to Covid-19. So like myself  i'am sure you haven't been to a barbershop in weeks or months. So your beard could use some TLC. At Wright Beards we sell a variety of quailty beard grooming products. We sell everything from beard balms, to oils, to combs and brushes. It is important to not only feel your best, but to look your best. Maybe You're finally going on that date with that special someone, or getting ready that job interview, or a meet and great. What ever the occasion, all ways look your best. And we believe a well groomed beard is a essential to that process. A beard stands out, so should you . So come visit Wright Beards and get stated on your beard grooming today. Always put your best foot forward. Thank you for reading and more importantly, thank you for your business and support.

Michael Wright 

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